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Main platters

Plater 1 - Kabana & Cheese Platter
Cheese, Kabana & Crackers
$30.00 per platter
Platter 2 - Chinese Platter
Mini spring rolls, mini dim sims, Vegetarian samosas
$40.00 per platter
Platter 4 - Party platter
Assorted mini party pies, Mini sausage rolls w tomato sauce, assorted mini pizzas
$40.00 per platter
Platter 5 - Sandwich platter
Selection of gourmet sandwiches
$40.00 per platter
Platter 6 - Chcken platter
Country style chicken strips with garlic aioli, chicken nuggets, chicken wing dings, garlic chicken balls
$50.00 per platter
Platter 7 - Kids platter
Cocktail frankfurts, chicken nuggets, chips or party pies
$40.00 per platter

Dip platters

Roasted Capsicum
Sun dried tomato


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   03 5444 3500

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