BAR MENU Lunch & Dinner

Bowl of Beer Battered Chips
With option of tomato sauce or gravy
Garlic & Cheese Bread
Seeded Mustard & Cheese Bread
Bacon, Sweet Chilli & Cheese Bread
Bowl of Seasoned Wedges
with sweet chilli & sour cream
Chicken Schnitzel
with chips & salad or veg, your choice of gravy, mushroom or pepper sauce, garlic butter
Bangers & Mash
with mast potato, veg & gravy
Steak Sanga or Hibo Burger
with relish, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, egg, onion & chips
Schnitzel Wrap
with mix lettuce, bacon, cheese, tomato, pineapple & chips
Beef Lasagna
with chips & salad or veg
Chicken Kiev
with chips & salad or veg
Chicken Carbonara 
with bacon, spring onion, cream & penne
Caesar Salad (GF without croutons)
with cos, bacon, parmesan, croutons & house made dressing
Fish and Chips (GF grilled)
grilled or battered with chips & salad or veg
Chicken Parmigiana
with chips & salad or veg
double up your parma!
Roast of the Day (GF)
with roast potato, pumpkin, veg & gravy
Lamb Cutlets (2) 
with veg, mash potato & gravy 
Smokey BBQ Ribs
coleslaw & chips
Rump Steak (GF)
with chips & salad or veg & choice of sauce 

- Creamy Garlic Prawns Available
Mixed Grill
Bacon, Rissole, Bratwurst Sausage, Steak, Egg with chips & salad or veg & choice of sauce

sauce available: gravy, creamy mushroom sauce, green peppercorn sauce, garlic butter, red wine jus, creamy garlic sauce and texas bbq sauce.


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  365 High St, Golden Square
   03 5444 3500

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